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Luka Bloom - Jazz Cafe, 14 November, 2009

December 18th, 2009

I went to this small gig as a farewell to our friends, as she has many memories and associations with Luka Bloom. This particular night, He was in typically fine form - starting early to squeeze in all of his 2 hour set, and rollicking along with much energy and banter with the audience - somewhat more than he gave at his last London gig at Bush Hall last year.

For such simple music, its incredible how enjoyable it is. From his crystal clean guitar sound, to his melodies and singing, theres alot to like. One of my friends called him ‘the Irish Paul Kelly‘, and I must admit, he’s got the same hard working, honest approach to music, which is a breath of fresh air. (Even if he was forced by some persistant fan to play ‘I Need Love’, which, understandably doesnt make an appearance often… :)

This recording is for Beth…

heres a sample from the night:


Luka Bloom - Bush Hall, 23 October, 2008

October 26th, 2008

I managed to catch Luka Bloom on stage at Bush Hall, Shepherds Bush last week for the start of his tour promoting his new record Eleven Songs. While I was looking forward to hearing some of his new stuff, as I’d enjoyed much of his early 90’s albums, I was looking forward to hearing some old stuff too… Sometimes, the words that come out of Luka Bloom’s mouth sound like a rolecall of cliche’s - but thats kinda the pure nature of his songwriting - its simple, and direct. His delivery is always so believable, they dont stick out, and you’d almost think he coined the phrases in the first place.

Luka is one of those people who has a true - dare I now use a cliche - lust for life, and a yearning to experience all the world has to offer, and his music reflects it - he sings of people and places from around the globe. In performance, too, he plays with energy and life, and its quite infectious - Even Bush Halls rather civilized audience were buzzing early on, and became more raucous as the night continued.

I had the strange experience of introducing Luka Bloom to an irish mate of mine back in Australia. Which, is odd not only for the fact that he hadn’t heard of him, but also because my friend was very much in the same kinda place as Luka Bloom, as someone who was a real traveller, and craved a good craic. He’s since found the love of his life, and they’ve recently married, back in Ireland. So, I’d like to dedicate ‘You Couldn’t Have Come at a Better Time’ to Steve and Caroline, and let them know we think of them still. Enjoy!

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Luka Bloom - Tribe.mp3
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Luka Bloom - Couldnt Have Come At A Better Time.mp3