This sites development began in early 2005, but did not go live until Aug 15 2007. There have been many minor incarnations of this site developed from many strange places along the way, but the majority of the work has been in the last 6 months leading up to the release date.

The name Flowers In Time was totally inspired by Jeff's duet with Liz Fraser, 'All Flowers In Time'. Jeff's live shows are his legacy - each one a Flower In Time that he left for those of his fans that where lucky enough to experience him. I hope this brings back some memories for some of you, and inspires you to do great things.


The realworld places this website began:


The following people have been a major part in contributing to this site, either directly or indirectly:

Who Is Mr Strong Arm?

The name itself came from Jeff's song 'The Sky is Landfill'. I am a 30 40 something year old guy who never saw Jeff live (no thanks to the Wolf River), but has since been so driven by his music that I had to build something... I'm an Aussie antipodean, previously living in London, and working in IT and Sound Engineering. Now, I'm a dad, and live back in Australia.


These are the resources used to compile and collate the founding data on this website. This is (roughly) the order of addition, so consequently, there was very little to be gleaned from the the last few sites, apart from another source to cross check dates and setlists. Alot of information and detailing has happened since these sources where added, and as such, the product is now much greater than the sum of its parts.

Kingdom for a Kiss Tourography
Dates, Bootleg details

Jeff Buckley Sezione Bootlegs
setlists, Dates, Some bootleg details

Jeff Buckley FR Tourography (derivitive of lenny.dyadel.net)
Setlists, Dates, Bootleg details

The Dream Bin
Setlists, Dates

Mojo Pin Tape List
Dates, Setlists, Bootleg details

Dates, Setlists

Hard Luck (not extant)
Dates, Setlists

Jeff Buckley Discography Bootlegs
Bootleg details

Postcrypt Coffeehouse Schedules
2 Dates

Jeff's performances
Occasionally he promotes or talks about upcoming shows. were possible, these have been added.

Live at Sin-E 2cd Edition
booklet artwork includes flyers with a few dates from 92/93.

Songs to Noone Box Set
booklet artwork includes flyers with a few dates from 92/93.

Silvio's Live Performances

Andy's Concert List
1 date

Gary Lucas Website, Past Shows
3 dates

Jeff Buckley Covers

JBEL Mailing List
Partial Setlist for Barrister's gig.

A Jeff Buckley Community (yahoo)
1 date

Dream Brother by David Browne
Rough date chronology, and some details of recordings

for viewing previous versions of long since removed websites