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M83 - Koko, 7 July 2009

July 14th, 2009

m83Anthony Gonzalez (aka M83) started the show in the dark, with 25 minutes of new, solo instrumental music. Of course, while I thought this was pure genius, it appeared many of the Koko crowd were a little confused by the extra long ‘intro’.

In fact the entire set was a departure from their show I’d heard a few months ago, containing a larger proportion of old and new M83 instrumentals. M83 must have played at the most 4 tracks from the last album, and even those were virtually remixes of the originals - every time you expected a certain riff to kick in, it had either changed, or would be a new riff entirely. The ‘Kim and Jesse’ crew did not seem that happy about it - the girl next to me kept on shaking her head as yet another ‘unknown’ instrumental began.

While they didnt sell out Koko, they seemed to suit the bigger venue, if only for the vastly superior sound system. Having also seen Simian Mobile Disco - also reknowned for their improvisation and live skills - at the same venue, I must admit I preferred seeing M83. Call me a nerd for liking the more experimental of the two, but perhaps the fact you have to work harder to appreciate it appeals to me more…

check out some samples:
M83-Unknown.mp3 (new?)

M83 - Scala, 22 October, 2008

October 26th, 2008

Photo by Adman JamjarM83 have lost it - or so my similarly music nerdy workmate seems to think. Of course, this theory is a subject of much conjecture at the office, but happily, having seen the live, I can totally refute it.

I suppose the debate actually starts with how you define M83. To pigeonhole them, you’d probably use words like ‘Shoegaze’, or ‘ambient’. Fortunately, their latest foray in music, the album ‘Saturday = Youth’, is not really either of these things. Perhaps this is why my colleague dislikes it. It diverges from M83’s roots, and expands into what could be considered mainstream, with more use of melody, and vocals than any of previous M83 records, resulting in quite a satisfying mixture of wholesome synthy-ness, pop, and rock. Without resorting to comparisons, or name dropping, I can really see the influence of the producers Ken Thomas (who produced the likes of Sigur Rós, and Cocteau Twins), and Ewan Pearson (Ladytron).

M83 where nothing short of epic tonight - all of these new aspects of M83 were evident, plus the old stuff my workmate yearns for. Their set was most of their new album, interspersed with their more cinematic instrumental tracks, but even the new stuff had the gradual build and climax of their more common to their old stuff. Their playing was so intense at times that it seemed like Anthony Gonzalez was almost making love to his keyboard. He really enjoys the music, and it really shows in both his composition and performance.

My workmates says ‘Kim and Jessie’ is the epitome of how M83 have changed, So without further-a-do - Stefan - ‘Kim and Jessie’. For you. enjoy :)

M83 - Moon Child.mp3
M83 - Kim and Jessie.mp3
M83 - Highway of Endless Dreams.mp3
M83 - Skin of the Night.mp3
M83 - We Own The Sky.mp3

Photo by Adman Jamjar - Check out his flickr page.