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Sigur Ros - Alexandra Palace, 20 November, 2008

November 24th, 2008

Sigur Ros, Alexandra Palace, 20 Nov, 2008 - Photo by Kryzian on flickr

This is my last blog entry for the year, and what a way to end it, with a haunting Sigur Ros concert in one of London’s gradest old venues…

After a lovely meal at one of Wood Greens best kept secrets, We headed off up the hill to Alexandra Palace, to stunning views of London on the way up (its amazing how much you miss hills in this city!). As expected, Alexandra Palace was an amazing old Victorian palace with high ceilings and huge halls. Unfortunately, having entered the Great Hall where Sigur Ros was playing, I was abit disappointed - its quite a long hall, so unless your in the first third, your not going to be seeing much, added to by the fact there arent any additional screens for viewing.

None the less, Sigur Ros came on stage and began into a typically cinematic and diverse set. Their performance, as with their music ranged from quiet introverted moments of absolute silence, to sweepingly loud distorted guitars with heavy reverb. The visuals were quite striking with live feeds of abstracted video shots being projected onto the back of the stage, and huge hanging spheres. The best part of the show was was the massive crescendo that happened over 20 minutes in the encore, with a spectacular snow storm of confetti, seen the image above.

I’ve been in love with Sigur Ros’s music since their Untitled album many years ago. While I dont always get into their new albums, I still believe they are boundary pushing visionaries with contemporaries like Radiohead and Bjork. Unfortunately we had to watch the last half of the set from the back of the hall, so I’m hoping to see them again at some time in the future to satiate my thirst for their music… If anyone is curious about them live, I strongly suggest you go see them - their music is even more hypnotic and mesmerizing in reality.

Here are a few tracks:
Sigur Ros - Svefn-g-Englar.mp3
Sigur Ros - Hoppipolla.mp3

and some flickr sets: (including the set by Kryzian, containing the one above)