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My Top 5 for 2009

December 31st, 2009

After 42 shows in 50 weeks, heres my top 5:

#1 - Bobby McFerrin @ Royal Festival Hall
for his playfulness, outstanding performance, and inspirational interaction with the audience.

#2 - Max Richter @ Union Chapel
for his beautiful melancholic music, and perfectionin performance.

#3 - Alex Lloyd @ The Troubadour
for the heartfelt simplicity of his songwriting and performance.

#4 - Andrew Bird @ Union Chapel
for playfully weaving beautiful melodies with little else but himself.

#5 - Fever Ray @ The Forum
for their eye poppingly slick production and dark ambience.

In particular, Bobby and Andrew and a particular Buckley-ish flavour to their shows, with their energy on stage, and musical playfulness. A special mention goes out to Noah and the Whale @ Crisis Hidden Gig, Tori Amos @ The Savoy, Bob Brozman @ The Half Moon, and Massive Attack @ Brixton Academy.


Bobby McFerrin - Royal Festival Hall, 17 June 2009

June 22nd, 2009

Bobby McFerrinWhile the Meltdown Festival has previously brought us wonders such as Jeff Buckley performing classical repertoire, it has taken me until now to get organized enough to take in a show from its programme. This year, with the jazz master Ornette Coleman curating, the selection of performers was very interesting indeed, but I naturally took to Bobby McFerrin.

Having heard a few of Bobby’s live recordings, and seen his youtube videos, I knew his show would be dynamic and varied. He opened with 3 tracks of improvisation before satisfying some of his fans with a few of his standards. What impressed me was his pure enthusiasm for music and his love of sharing it with people - he had me crying with laughter one moment, and then feeling like dancing the next - and in fact, that’s what some of the audience got to do - Bobby let audience members on stage to dance / sing while he accompanied with improv.

Even though I knew he’d be great on stage, I wasn’t expecting how truly inspirational he was in reality - after 2 standing ovations and an encore with Ornette Coleman himself, I honestly felt like going home and making my own music. I don’t think I can even recall feeling that stimulated by music by any show I’ve ever been to.

I know I’ve said it alot before, but to not repeat it now would be travesty - if you get a chance to see him live, by all means do it! you wont be disappointed.

here’s a few samples: