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Tracy Chapman - Roundhouse, 25 June 2009

July 12th, 2009

photo by Pieter Morlion : the night Michael Jackson died, I was appropriately paying homage to another fine musician. No disrespect to the man as a musician - his music was world changing… 25 years ago… and then theres also the media’s (and the worlds) apparent loss of memory regarding his rather blatant indiscretions.

In stark contrast, Tracy Chapman, also a pop prodigy of the 80’s, is still producing great music, touring, and looking a picture of health in body and mind. Indeed, her most recent album ‘Our Bright Future’ and reason for touring, is as good as any of her prior albums.

Tracy’s set played out like an anthology of her work, and her fans were very enthusiastic in cheering her on. (Except for the 2 die hard fans behind us who managed to listen to themselves talk through every song save the 2 they knew)

It was a great gig, even if it was overshadowed by the MJ factor - having listened to Tracy many many times over the last 2 decades, it was fantastic to finally have caught her live.

Check out a few samples:

also, if your interested in cool websites, check out her (flash) coloring-in website -

photo by Pieter Morlion, check out his flickr here: