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Sarah Blasko - Borderline, 3 September, 2009

September 10th, 2009

Sarah BlaskoSarah Blasko is yet another impressive young singer songwriter with perhaps not as much coverage as like that which mainstream contemporaries like Missy Higgins enjoy. I cant say I was hugely familiar with her work, but her myspace, Triple J airplay, and well priced tickets encouraged me to give her show a punt.

Suprisingly, unlike the folk/pop on her current album, she took to stage with a jazz trio supporting. The reinterpretation of her songs was quite pleasing in this format and she mixed it up with a range of old and new. She has quite an interesting voice, reminding me abit of Angie Hart from Frente!, or Yael Naim at times.Check out her new album ‘As Day Follows Night’ - she’s worth the listen!