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Beth Orton - La Pigalle, 7 September, 2009

September 11th, 2009

Beth OrtonBeth Orton provided an opportunity to reminisce the 90’s with a retrospective tour following the ‘legacy’ rerelease of one of her earlier albums, ‘Trailer Park’. La Pigalle was also the perfect place to catch her in an intimate acoustic setting, although this time around we had to do without chairs, as it was standing room only (probably due to the kitchen being closed).

She started loudly with her vocal processing playing up abit, but very quickly grew into her stride, singing classic after classic. I’ve never considered myself a diehard fan, but the conviction of her performance and strength of her writing was self evident and drew everyone there into her world. She seemed quite scatty and insecure sometimes, but this only helped enamor her to the audience.

heres a few tracks: