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Heather Nova - Union Chapel, 6 November, 2009

December 11th, 2009

image from a whim, after weeks of deliberation, my gf and I decided to try our luck at Heather Nova’s only London gig on this tour. Initially I was apprehensive - during the second track I had a thought - Is she a parody of herself? the performance for a moment seemed ingenuine. This quickly passed though, and her prowess as a songwriter became more and more apparent as the music poured out of her. Her voice - beautiful and pure - set the words well. I’m glad to have heard her angelic voice and sweet music in person.

I’d provide you with samples, but cleverly, Heather Nova has had the brainwave to release ALL her shows on this tour as MP3, and as such, I strongly suggest you go and have a buy them:

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