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My Top 5 for 2009

December 31st, 2009

After 42 shows in 50 weeks, heres my top 5:

#1 - Bobby McFerrin @ Royal Festival Hall
for his playfulness, outstanding performance, and inspirational interaction with the audience.

#2 - Max Richter @ Union Chapel
for his beautiful melancholic music, and perfectionin performance.

#3 - Alex Lloyd @ The Troubadour
for the heartfelt simplicity of his songwriting and performance.

#4 - Andrew Bird @ Union Chapel
for playfully weaving beautiful melodies with little else but himself.

#5 - Fever Ray @ The Forum
for their eye poppingly slick production and dark ambience.

In particular, Bobby and Andrew and a particular Buckley-ish flavour to their shows, with their energy on stage, and musical playfulness. A special mention goes out to Noah and the Whale @ Crisis Hidden Gig, Tori Amos @ The Savoy, Bob Brozman @ The Half Moon, and Massive Attack @ Brixton Academy.


Fever Ray - HMV Forum, 5 December, 2009

December 28th, 2009

image by taken a while, but tonight faired as a strong contender for gig of the year. For a show I almost opted out of, its production took me completely by suprise, and knocked me off my feet. Fever Ray take production to a new level - their performance almost trancends itself.

The show was more like some mysterious ritual- incense, secret signs, symbolic numbers, and strange movements. The entire stage remained dark for the entire show, with a massive laser show above, and glowing and flickering lampshades on stage. Even when you could see more than silhouettes through the smoke, they were all wearing costumes and masks, clearly wanting to be taken at the value of their production, rather than as individuals.


image by iamtheloop on flicker.