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… and so it begins

August 15th, 2007

Welcome to the opening of Flowers in Time - a website dedicated to all that was Jeff Buckley in performance. The website went live 15 Aug, 2007, as a dedication to my partner of 6 years, who is returning to Australia today from the UK to sort out her Visa.

It’s still abit beta, and much content needs correction, but fundamentally, everything works.

What will you find here:

  • the most complete gigography ever created of Jeff Buckley’s shows
  • a large list of known Jeff Buckley bootlegs
  • a near complete Jeff Buckley discography
  • a near complete Jeff Buckley songbook
  • a large collection of (unblemished!) pictures of Jeff Buckley and related memorabia
  • all of the above both cross-referenced and linked
  • a forum for those who remember his live shows, and for Jeff fans everywhere

What you will not find here:

  • information on where to buy bootlegs or other copywrited material (we do NOT condone the selling of his live shows, or the pirating of copywrited works)

The website name Flowers In Time was totally inspired by Jeff’s duet with Liz Fraser, ‘All Flowers In Time‘. Jeff’s live shows are his legacy - each one a Flower In Time that he left for those of his fans that where lucky enough to experience him. I hope this brings back some memories for some of you, and inspires you to do great things.

This website is by the fans, for the fans. If your a Jeff fan, feel free to join the forum and say hallo, or even better, submit something for the website! There is much to do still, from coding the Search page, to alot data cleansing, and forum moderation… If you think you have something to offer, drop me a line!