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Yael Naim - Scala, 28 May, 2008

May 30th, 2008

Photo Rod |

I Went to this concert on a whim, and extremely glad I did… Yael has a joyful, playfullness to her music reminiscent of (dare I say it) Jeff Buckley on stage…

She played for 1 and a half hours, and her b-side material made me wonder how it didnt end up on the album - alot of it was extremely good. She also had the audience eating out of her hand - 300 people, and you could hear a pin drop from the silent reverence during ‘Lonely’. She even had audience sing parts of 2-3 of the songs, while she sang over the top. By the end of the night there was surely a venue full of Yael converts… while her album is great, it doesnt do her justice when compared to her live performance.

She has an amazing voice, and plays piano, guitar, & ukalele, and her band (including her writing partner David Donatien) work well together. They have a laid back groove which really works with their tracks. This was a very impressive performance for an new artistwith only a debut album under her belt - I’m looking forward to see what the future has in store for her!

this concert easily got into my top 5 shows of the year… so if your unsure - do yourself a favor - go and see her…

Heres some of the tracks (including most of the b-sides) from the night:
Yael Naim-Far Far.mp3
Yael Naim-Lonely.mp3
Yael Naim-unknown1.mp3
Yael Naim-unknown2.mp3
Yael Naim-Why Do We Fall In Love.mp3
Yael Naim-Land From Another Ocean.mp3
Yael Naim-The Game Is Over For Mon Coeur.mp3

photo by: Photo Rod |