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My recent hunting to satiate by thirst for aussie music lead me to discover Gotye’s new album ‘Like Drawing Blood‘. Yes, I know he’s Belgian born, but since he’s living in Australia now, he’s been hastily adopted as aussie (not unlike some other great music I can think of… Crowded House, and Benfolds). Needless to say, he’s done quite well there, with a large fanbase, alot of playtime on Triple J and Aria nominations.

So what’s all the fuss about? Well, his music is quite eclectic, and seems to draw influence from various interesting places to make quite a satisfying amalgum of sound. There are tracks like ‘Night Drive‘ which remind me of the textures and vocals of David Bridie, the use of strange samples in ‘The Only Thing I Know‘ and ‘The Only Way‘ are abit Vast like, ‘a Distinctive Sound’ has loops and editing very much in the vein of The Avalanches, and ‘Learnalilgivinanlovin‘ even sounds abit motowny… Then you see him live, and you realize that the drums, vocals, and melody - in fact the whole sound - is actually uniquely his.

I also tend to agree with another recent review I read of his last London performance - get the man a band! I understand he’s abit of a one man show, but you feel kind sorry for him watching him scurry around stage from vocal mic to vocal mic, or from drumkit to keys and back again. He obviously loves playing everything, but I’d love to have seen him with a drummer or perhaps a bass player to lighten the load and add some depth to the sound.

Over all I enjoyed the performance, surrounded by a rather noisy and somewhat unappreciative crowd, who seemed more interested in chatting than listening… This was the last part of his European tour, and he admitted he was feeling abit down after a strong start to his tour, but I’m sure he’ll be back to fine form once he gets back home… It still think it was good - have a listen and decide for yourself!

Here are a few tracks from the night:
Gotye - The Only Way.mp3

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