Simian Mobile Disco, 2009-02-12, photo by me. :)

I was glad when the curtains finally went up for this Simian Mobile Disco gig, not so much in anticipation, but relief, as I’d previously panicked after reading on some uninformed internet booking site that this might be a DJ set. This, clearly wasn’t - massive pillars of lighting towered around the centre stage, where their unique circular rig was set up. I always marvel at all the wonderful gear electro artists have on stage, and their mastery as they dance around it all, waving their handles about twiddling nobs and sliders, and seeing Simian in action as truly glorious. Watching the 2 of them moving around, tweaking settings, adding layers of sound - it felt like living, breathing music, far from the automated feeling you often get from some electronic outfits.

This was their only non-dj set gig in london for quite a while, and looks like remain that way for the near future, and it looked like most of their London fans agreed that tonight was The Night to see them. Koko was full, and heaving with people, and I haven’t seen people bounce around so enthusiastically since The Presets gig I went to last year.

This was a most enjoyable gig for me, and helped renew my faith in electro after a fairly subdued Underworld gig that I went to at Brixton Academy last year. (I didnt review/record it, because they recorded the show themselves, available in FLAC, no less!) Underworld are the godfathers of progressive electro, and seeing them live was, at least to me, paying homage to that. Simian on the other hand, are fresh faced, vibrant, and very much riding the wave of modern electro. The Old and the New… Its all good…

No samples, (as how do you split an hour long mashup of tracks?) but you can find it in full as FLAC if you know where to look…

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  1. brandon Says:

    i have been looking EVERYWHERE all over the internet, since i read on this site that the show was recorded in FLAC. can someone please point me in the right direction of where i can find this recording????

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