photo by Kikishua - recent years, Eskimo Joehas been one of those bands that has successfully crossed from alternative to pop. Initially Eskimo Joe got alot of airplay on Triple J radio in Australia (the countries leading alternative radio station), but its with their last triple platinum album, ‘Black Fingernails, Red Wine’, they found their pop songwriting chops, and commercial success.

Evidently, their success wasnt just based on their album - their live show was energetic, well executed, while their new material was catchy and well rehearsed. Their ability didnt just end with their instruments - all but the drummer swapped between each instrument at least once; I’ve noticed its a prerequisite of success to be multi-instrumentalists these days…

Overall, it was quite an impressive show, and their new songs off the soon-to-be-released album ‘Inshallah’ sounded like good progress, and will sell as strongly as the last. Not bad for a bunch of boys from Freo!

Heres a few samples of old and new songs:

photo by Kikishua -

One Response to “Eskimo Joe - Koko, 8 April, 2009”

  1. Kikishua Says:

    If you were at Koko that night, you might also find my YouTube videos worth a look! Not very good quality, alas, but EJ did add them to “Unofficial Fan videos” on their YouTube channel, so they can’t have been TOO bad! I wish now I’d had enough forethought to record more of the new songs….

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