Scott Matthews Scott was opening for Tori Amos, and as with alot of openers, you dont expect much, and hope that the main act will be on soon. But I found myself smiling when Scott started up…

As someone who is quite familiar with Jeff Buckley’s live music, I was quite suprised the amount of simularities between Scott and Jeff. From the moment Scott opened his mouth, you could almost hear bits of Jeffs lower register and turn of melody calling out to you, combined with his dreamy guitar style and Jeff-like use of reverb. Thankfully this wasnt some poor imitation - Scott clearly defined himself as his own voice with his own style music, and with songwriting simple and emotive. True his own unique sound, as other folk stylists like Laura Marling, Justin Vernon (Bon Iver), even a solo Ray Lamontagne, to name a few.

As I was never fortunate enough to see Jeff live, I’m thankful to have experienced Scott. Surely one the best openers I’ve ever heard… I’ll definately be watching his career develop.

Heres some samples… He’s got a 2nd album coming out later this month called ‘Elsewhere’ - go buy it - I will be!


2 Responses to “Scott Matthews - Savoy Theatre, 11 May, 2009”

  1. plantlet Says:

    I’ve been a huge fan of Scotts ever since I heard his music. He’s a true talent, and he’s amazing live! Well as far as I can tell from the clips I saw, since I didn’t get the chance to catch one of his shows yet. As far as the Jeff comparison goes, when I first listened to Scotts stuff I saw why people think they are so much alike. But as I went on listening to Scott I realized he has his own very unique style, and I’ve grown kind of tired of the whole ‘OMG he sounds just like Jeff’ notion. But what they definitely share is their musics quality and the emotions they’re able get across with it.

  2. plantlet Says:

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