Fuck Buttons

It is now 2 days after this gig, and my ears are still ringing. To say that it was loud with be a gross understatement. Superfluous descriptions just dont do it justice… To the untrained ear (heck, to most trained ears), this is was the sort of noise you’d frantically try to turn off if you heard it coming down your headphones.

Regardless, the Fuck Buttons domain is noise. the kind you don’t want to hear. Grating square waves, saw waves, distortion, screaming - its all there. So about now your wondering why anyone would bother, and theres a few very good reasons. They have found something. somewhere inbetween their noise there is a peacefulness and calm you just don’t expect. Its like an hard electronic version of Sigur Ros, perhaps mixed with God is an Astronaut. They have reached cult status in the experimental scene, and their most recent album, Tarot Sport is a testament to this, with a cohesiveness end to end, that you seldom see in albums these days.

If you like abit of hardcore post modern stuff, and you can get your head around the headache inducing aspects of it, there is alot to learn and enjoy from their music. check out the sample below, and go see em live, if you dare.


One Response to “Fuck Buttons - Heaven, 27 October, 2009”

  1. Emily Says:

    Is the whole gig available? xx Em

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