Regurgitator - The Venue, ULU, 9 September, 2008. Flickr pic by andrewontour

Anyone who’s seen these larrikins live before will know that they put on a pretty convincing show, and have a good time on stage while they are at it. Which, was perfect for a room full of antipodeans looking for a trip down memory lane.

Not to say that their latest official release isnt as good as their old stuff (yes, thats an injoke…) in fact, Regurgitator have a nack of suprising everyone with something fresh and rocking with every new album. Indeed, they opened with one of their tracks of the new album, and it kicked the night off nicely.

I first time I saw these guys was around 14 years ago, at the Perth Big Day Out, with Quan wearing a rather becoming pink frock, and thrashing out classics like Blubber Boy and Track 1… (since then he’s denounced the dress wearing, stating that he was put off them after seeing a band he didn’t like very much wearing similar fair.)

They may have grown up abit since then, lost a drummer, and adopted a keyboard player, but they played a cracking set of 22 tracks to round off the end of the UK tour, using their experience to rile up the crowd to their own advantage. Within a few tracks into the set, the audience were busy moshing around and shouting out lyrics to their favourites. Quan and Ben still work amazingly together, and have a great energy on stage.

I certainly enjoyed this concert,but I wish they’d played blubber boy… can’t win them all I suppose!

Heres a few tracks from the night:

Regurgitator - Everyday Formula.mp3
Regurgitator - I Sucked Alot of Cock to Get Where I Am.mp3
Regurgitator - Devil With a Thousand Eyes.mp3
Regurgitator - Polyester Girl.mp3
Regurgitator - Kung Foo Sing.mp3

EDIT: ‘devil with a thousand eyes’ is actually titled ‘Sonnet of a Media Mogul’ (thanks for the heads up from Andrew!)

and a flickr set:

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