93-09-19 Sin-E
New York, New York, America
01. Be My Husband
Date based on the following quote, which places it just before Jeff left for Bearsville Studios (which was around September 20). 'Be My Husband' is the only track known to have been played on this night, the rest of the set remains unknown.

"Just before he left, for Woodstock, N.Y,, last month to record his first album, Mr. Buckley gave one more show at Sin-e. It was near midnight on a Sunday night; yet, the crowd spilled out onto the sidewalk. Afterward, a dark-haired woman approached him. "You are like a sieve for music," she gushed. "Your soul is beautiful."

Mr. Buckley thanked her and began stuffing his guitar into its canvas case. "I'll never stop playing places like this," he said after she left. "You know when someone puts out an album, and then they start only playing big places? I hope I never end up like that. I love it here." " -- ('The Unmade Star' - by David Browne, The New York Times, 1993-10-24)