91-10-01 The Knitting Factory
New York, New York, America
01. Bluebird Blues
This incomplete setlist from the article below:

"At his first show with Gods and Monsters, at the old Knitting Factory in October of '91, he was mesmerizing but painfully shy. "We did a duet of 'Bluebird Blues,'" Lucas recalls. "It was semi-improvised country blues and he sang his ass off. Then we brought the band on and did a few songs. There were a lot of musicians there, like John Cale and Nick Cave. It was overwhelmingly great but Jeff was insecure because Nick and Cale didn't stick to the end. He was very rattled. I had to spend a long time convincing him that it was so strong that they probably didn't know what to say.", Deb Desalvo, Rolling Stone, June 22, 1998)