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New York City, NY, America
01. A Letter to Bob Dylan
'At almost the exact time as he secured a record deal, Jeff managed the potentially career-threatening feat of being seen to 'diss' labelmate Bob Dylan.

'I was at A Hole In The Wall in New York, and I'd seen Dylan the night before,' he revealed. 'So I did an impression of him singing I Want You. I did an impression of him singing Grace. I talked about how he sailed through some songs and was brilliant on others. People were shouting 'But he's still got it, right?' And I'm going: 'No. This is not Blonde On Blonde. This is him now. You guys are living in the past.'

In the audience were Bob Dylan's manager, his assistant manager and his best friend. 'Man the next day I was in Tompkins Square Park, staring at the ground with the snow falling, wishing I was never born. My A&R man was saying, 'Well, Bob feels dissed.' But I really didn't... I just... loved him so much I sent him up.' Buckley wrote a personal apology - and then when Grace came out, critics hailed the 'new Bob Dylan'. ' -- (Interview, Dave Simpson, The Guardian, 1994)


Jeff mentions in the reading itself that he was poking fun at the Supper Club crowd at Bob Dylans gig, which helps with the following assumptions:
1) Bob Dylan performed 2 concerts at The Supper Club, 16 & 17 Nov 1993.
2) Jeff did a gig on the 17th or 18th (as stated in the interview above)
3) Wetlands gig was then 25 November, 1993 (Thanks Giving)
4) the date of the poetry reading this letter was read at must have been after 25th November 1993. (probably December)
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