93-??-?? Sin-e
New York City, NY, America
Jeff performed many Monday nights in Sin-e, most dates are still not known. Apart from the official Sin-e legacy compilation, there were many other tracks he performed, mostly covers, including :
People's Parties (J. Mitchell)
Hallelujah (L. Cohen)
Way Young Lovers Do (V. Morrison)
In A Better Place (Ride)
May The Circle Be Unbroken (Traditional)
Twelfth of Never (J. Mathis)
I shall be released (Dylan)
Calling You (b.telson/j.steele)
Strange Fruit (traditional)
Julia (J. Lennon)
Sweet Thing (V. Morrison)
Lost Highway (H. Williams)
Dink's Song (Dylan)
If You See Her, Say Hello (Dylan)
Mama,You've Been On My Mind (Dylan)
Hallelujah (L. Cohen)
Eternal Life (J. Buckley)
Sweet Thing (V. Morrison)
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1 People's Parties.flac:657de4fe076316be1764b46dfbbcf56f
2 Hallejujah.flac:d3300989222285b6c0959ea99892cef3
3 funk 49 way young lovers do.flac:d8e0339ce4b7131d241e15650cccbaef
4 In a better Place.flac:7e200eeaa7dea28c421abae65c7212f3
5 May the circle be unbroken.flac:2c1f0111de4d30c7f5fea2d45d79fa8f
6 Twelth of never.flac:f3afeecaa6c33533a33084060ec3871d
7 I shall be released.flac:2d3d998ce2e478f436e68bbcacc254bc
8 Calling you.flac:5bdb45ddceece54839e92377c45a4798
9 Strange fruit.flac:c22353d1bfc99384e26ef6358c728f82
10 Julia.flac:d09cb2250fcf858c838d9d2b64e70329
11 Sweet Thing.flac:0ed104f7cf2037bdf9c65dbf5073b2fc
12 Lost Highway.flac:1cdb7826cef094ffbb6d729bf362364c
13 Dink's Song.flac:abef5031f8cea9bb66ee7ea4892b7f50
14 If You See Her, Say Hello.flac:d6604b729ec4e8c1f9bb0e465d6b1151
15 Mama You've been on my mind.flac:194aa177cd2521423b572dfbbb55b25a
16 Hellejujah.flac:f4c211b3fcea8e9f2d3f98ddfa4065ac
17 Eternal Life.flac:d2c1f4c48d0fc6184ea7aa8dc7ff7ed0
18 Sweet thing version 2.flac:854d4f8581813e4b0cba6a90608274cf