92-03-13 St. Annes Church, Brooklyn Heights
New York, New York, America
01. Cruel
02. Malign Fiesta (No Soul)
03. Distortion
04. Rise Up to Be (AKA Grace)
05. How Long Will It Take?
06. In The Cantina
07. Hymn L'Amour
08. Satisfied Mind
09. Harem Man
10. Story Without Words
11. Dream of a Russian Princess
12. Sweet Thing
13. She is Free
14. Dink's Song
15. No One Must Find You Here
16. Bluebird Blues
17. And You Will (AKA Mojo Pin)
with Gods & Monsters, tracklist varies in some versions (order of last 3 tracks).

"About a year after the Tim Buckley tribute, on March 13, 1992, Gods & Monsters had a big showcase concert at St. Ann's during which the sound was bad and each fine musician onstage seemed to be listening only to himself. After that performance Jeff told Lucas he was quitting; he would play the rest of the gigs they had booked that week and that was it.

Jeff Buckley's final show with Gods & Monsters, to a small audience at the Knitting Factory the following weekend, was filled with tension and barely contained recriminations. One song into the set Buckley told the soundman, "Let's hear Jeff's guitar," and proceeded to hijack Lucas' band for the remainder of the night. As Jeff led the group, Lucas filled in piercing guitar leads and counterpoint. Jeff let loose howling, primal vocals that were, ironically, like the young Robert Plant while Lucas--relieved of leading the group-- played with disciplined abandon, raising the stakes at every hand. It was an amazing set, everything that the St. Ann's showcase had failed to be. It took the grim relief of failure and the anger of a breakup to show what the musical prototype for Lucas to Buckley should have been--not Page to Plant, but James Honeyman-Scott to Chrissie Hynde.

One scene-maker leaned over duing the set and said, "If all the A&R people who'd been at St. Ann's were here tonight, these guys would be going home with a record deal." When the last Gods & Monsters song ended, Maimone, Fier and Lucas walked offstage but Buckley hesitated. He then surprised everyone--including himself--by staying onstage and continuing to sing alone. It was a bravura, egotistical move, a violation of all band etiquette, and exactly the right thing to do to establish that he had the guts and the ambition to build his own vision, and that he was not going to be tied to anyone else on his way.

When he finished singing, Jeff walked off the stage and across the room to his girlfriend Rebecca. They locked into an embrace in the middle of the club, his head buried in her shoulder, not speaking and oblivious to the people who came up to tell him what a great finale it had been.

"It was after that night," Jeff says of quitting Gods & Monsters, "that I knew I needed to invoke the real essence of my voice. I didn't know what it tasted like at all. I knew I had to get down to work and that anything else would be a distraction. In that band there were conflicts. It was really crazy, a desperate situation. I just didn't need things to be desperate. I needed them to be natural." " -- (from the article 'The Arrival of Jeff Buckley: A Talented Young Musician Learns to Navigate the Record Business While Protecting His Music', Bill Flanagan, Musician, February 1994, p97-101)

Video footage sample exists in an interview with Gary Lucas about his book "Touched by Grace--My Time with Jeff Buckley", on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-KYMC8zNExc
Common Sources:
In Memory Of ... Jeff Buckley (Bootleg)
Source 1a - SBD

Grade: B
Very soft rolloff to -80dB by 9kHz, with 2 step down shelves at 18.5kHz and 19.Khz, ending at below -90dB. No broadcast pilot tones evident.