Murder Suicide Meteor Slave
Written by Jeff Buckley
Studio Released
@During an interview with Joan Wasser in 1998, she said that Jeff intended the following about the lyrics of "Murder Suicide Meteor Slave":

MURDER was related to the heart
SUICIDE, the mind
METEOR, the body, and
SLAVE, the soul.

And then, more elaborately:

MURDER for victory and outward rebellion
SUICIDE for defeat, inward re-creation
METEOR for bright, ephemeral freedom, and
SLAVE for depression and servitude.
And each line of the verse, of the verses, relates to MURDER SUICIDE METEOR SLAVE, meaning

MURDER Would you like to meet the villain somewhere
SUICIDE Underneath the skull of a moon
METEOR Fire burned his eyes out, 'cause
SLAVE These chains are too long for you..." -- (Unknown, posted on JBEL)
Known Performance:
97-05-?? Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk Demos, Memphis, Tennessee, America