Sefronia - The King's Chain
Cover of Tim Buckley
I couldn't buy you with a hundred cattle
But you hike in shells and feathers
Up the African beach
I am king here
Tied to this hut by the King's chain
My power's like a tree and green taboo to me

The chameleon lies in your dusty fingers
And blue flies circle your head like stars
Jump into me now, I must not see the water
Let me suck my weakness from your dark nipples
Originally performed by Jeffs father, Tim Buckley, in 'Sefronia' (1973). Jeff performed it live in his exhibition for Greetings From Tim Buckley, a tribute concert organized by Hal Willner that took place at St.Ann's Church, New York, on April 26 1991. As Jeff often bluntly refused to perform his fathers songs in his shows, it is suprising to find that the St Annes show was not the only appearance of a Tim Buckley song. (Jeff played 'Once I Was' by request, on 1995-05-10, Bluebird Theatre, Denver)
Known Performance:
91-04-26 St. Annes Church, Brooklyn Heights, New York, New York, America