Yard of Blonde Girls
Cover of Audrey Clark/Lori Kramer/Inger Lorre
Studio Released
'written by sisters Audrey Clark and Lori Kramer of the 360s and the Paper Squares, who were performing together in the late nineties as Pendulum Floors. Inger Lorre contributed additional lyrics on the second verse and Jeff Buckley recorded a demo version with her in 1996. The song is a tribute to Lori's childhood friend, who committed suicide in 1993.' -- (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yard_of_Blonde_Girls)

Inger Lorre's version appears on his album 'Transcendental Medication'.
Known Performance:
96-12-09 Spot Cafe, Buffalo, New York, America
97-02-04 Knitting Factory, New York, New York, America