Fullterton Road Trick
Written by Jeff Buckley
I've felt this season before
As a child playing dead near the road
One curious blankfaced summer
Unaware that the flesh will erode

My child-heart raced without record
Of judgement toward self, sight or smell
That would winter my naked dive into the deep
Of disaster, that Halloween spell

My brother and I, we the crazy
We the stupid young blind, we the coarse
We the jagged dishonest music produced
By desperate tryst and divorce

We the soiled, we the twin bastard kin
Oblivious to locks and safety caps for pills
Or motives for motorist's rescues or sins
Or the basement they keep in the hills

With our eyeballs in pain from not laughing
Some stranger steps out from his car
And for some reason opens the trunk with his keys
Never asking how both of us are

We jump to our feet hurling dirt clods
like the rapid fire kiss of affection
We burst back to home through nowhere to sleep
In the season of summer destruction