Momma Dogga
Written by Jeff Buckley
momma dogga, I give kisses every morning I see you
smiley kiss upon your face
big big love for you and me
momma dogga love all up inside

had to take the garbage out
had to mow the lawn
momma dogga see my homework?
eat it up, all gone

teacher make face mad
call me dummy-bad
never tell on dogga
cuz I best boy dogga had

momma dogga give kisses
give kiss boy every day
very big wet lickey kisses
never wipe away

sorry I give you bad
leash on walky path
feed my dogga ice cream cake
watch me do my math

momma dogga hair
on the poppa chair
poppa give kick momma dogga
does not like it there

boy hug poppa daddy
make hug dogga too
make hug kissy kissy
dogga eat the shoe

momma dogga, I love you
make boy happy play
jump up on big butterfly
run jump chasey day

hunt down scratcha kitty
barky kitty face
love to speedy run around
scared dumb kitty chase

boys pet scratcha kitty
stupid hissy-bite
momma dogga stomp and squish
make dead scary fright

momma dogga smiley
sing a dogga song
help teach boy good dogga way
happy, laughy, strong

forever momma dogga, boy belong.
This poem is unconfirmed as written by Jeff.

'dedicated to Gretchen the dog, RIP, and Becca the dog, RIP, hugs and kisses, and all dogs, everywhere, anytime, ever.' -- Jeff Buckley (above poem lyrics)