Desert Flowers
Cover of Morley
Studio Released
Jeff played Guitar on this track on Morley's album 'Sun Machine', which was co-produced by his friend Chris Dowd. Joan Wasser also contributed violins, and Matt Johnson some drums on this album.

n between teaching, writing poetry, choreography and (the obligatory) waiting tables, Morley began to write songs. "Desert Flowers" was her first. It appears on Sun Machine. She wrote it with her producers Hod David (who also penned songs for Maxwell) and Chris Dowd (ex-Fishbone). "Chris and Hod had just written the music" she says, "and they asked me what I thought. Well, I thought it was beautiful and they asked me to take it home and fuck around with it. I came back the next day with some lyrics and they asked me if I wanted to make a demo tape. I said 'Sure' and I've been singing it now for three years." -- (