94-11-09 The Green Mill
Chicago, Illinois, America
Mojo Pin
What Will You Say
So Real
Last Goodbye
Eternal Life
Lilac Wine
Grace (starts late)
Dream Brother
Lover, You Should've Come Over (comedic interlude)
Jeff is as broodingly intense as ever, and the energy on stage is fantastic, for what also sounds like a small venue and audience. It sounds like Jeff's friend Chris Dowd (?) may have been in the audience as well - Jeff exclaims 'Chris! i didnt think you were coming!' just after So Real. Quoting Jeff from a msg to his fans on Dec 16, 1994, commenting on his 2 shows in Chicago: "NO MORE CUERVO NIGHTS!!! DON'T WORRY, CHICAGO!!!! Of course, the stinking journalists didn't show up for night number two at the Green Mill gig, WE MASHED THE NIGHT BEFORE INTO GOATSHIT!!! That's o.k., there'll be plenty of articles for them to write in hell..."