95-05-10 Bluebird Theater
Denver, Colorado, America
Dream Brother
So Real
Lover, You Should've Come Over
Eternal Life
Kick Out The Jams
All That I Ask
Mojo Pin
Once I Was (Tim Buckley)
What Will You Say
Lilac Wine
Last Goodbye
If You see Her, Say Hello
Supported by Soul Coughing. The highlight of this show is Jeff doing a cover of 'Once I Was', written by his father Tim Buckley. Jeff rarely performed his fathers songs, and often flatly refused to do so when requested by audience members. This is potentially only the 2nd recording in existance of Jeff singing his fathers songs... (the first being the St Anne Tim Buckley Tribute Show he played at in 1991). Quoting Jeff after performing it: 'Are you satisfied now? are you really? then shut the fuck up for the rest of my life... Love and kisses from the living one... Jeff Buckley...'