The Black Sessions
Sangatte, 2007, Sang 231 CD
01. Last Goodbye
02. So Real
03. Grace
04. Dream Brother
05. Mojo Pin
06. What Will You Say
07. Lilac Wine
08. Eternal Life
09. Vancouver
10. Kanga Roo
11. Kanga Roo
12. Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin
An edited version of Jeff's performance at the Bataclan on February 11th 1995 with 'Lover, You Should've.....', 'The Way Young Lovers Do' & Hallelujah omitted.

Note the incorrect tracklisting on the cover listing 'Lover' instead of 'What Will You Say' & 'Sweet Thing' instead of what is the continuation of Kang-roo.

The final track is the, as performed Piaf medley with Hymn L'Amour