95-02-25 Nighttown Cafe
Rotterdam, Netherlands
01. Lover, You Should've Come Over
02. So Real
03. Last Goodbye
04. Grace
05. Dream Brother
06. That's All I Ask
07. Mojo Pin
08. Eternal Life
09. What Will You Say
10. Vancouver / Kanga Roo
11. If You See Her, Say Hello
12. Hallelujah
Only Tracks 'Lover, You Should've Come Over, So Real, Last Goodbye, Grace, Eternal Life' were broadcast. Tracks from this broadcast were also released as a 3 track promo by Sony ('Live at Nighttown'). The audience recording is the only complete source at this point.

'Harry Hamelink, programmer of Nighttown: "It was a memorable day. Jeff and his band have eaten in the Nighttown Café. The support act was Drugstore. The entrance fee was 17 guilders and fifty cents. The show was recorded by the VPRO-radio. Later fragments of that ended up on a promo-CD. I found the people around Jeff exceedingly sympathetic, but what I remember mostly is the silence during Hallelujah. In my memory it was deadly quiet in the venue for at least a minute. Despite of a thousand people being in. At that moment it was as if there were only two kinds of people. People who would kill to get in touch with him. And people who had never, ever heard of him. We have an original Buckley tour poster hanging on the wall here. It is very much wanted. I have seen so many times that average girls fall on their knees. Then I think: Girl, is something wrong with you? But then they start to plead for the poster. No, I don't think so."
Guus Drentje was in Nighttown as well: "The venue went wild. Everybody could sing along, word for word. I thought I was a big fan, but the people walking around there were even more fanatical. The extraordinary thing was: he appealed to all kinds of people. Young and old. It wasn't connected to a specific age. The music was very loud there. Ear splitting. You could clearly see how he handled his band like a sort of dictator. It was a weird chemical process, that band happening. Really a bit like the back of Grace: they seemed to be merged with him."' -- (post death Article from a Dutch magazine)
Common Sources:
Live from Nighttown, 1995
Mystery White Boy: Live '95 - '96 (Ltd Ed), 2000, Australia/Europe
Dream Brother (Bootleg)
Son of a Star Sailor (Bootleg)
Safe from Harm (Bootleg)
Live in Japan (Bootleg)
Source 1a - SBD

Grade: B
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From 'Dream Brother' bootleg.

Rolloff at around 15khz, with spike at around 15.7khz, suggesting a broadcast source.

not as good as the official Nighttown Promo.

db904c578924b9184d1f6b628738438d *JBuckley - Dream Brother - 01 - Lover, You Should've Come Over.shn
928b9dcd6c71e904d663c77e2e8235c8 *JBuckley - Dream Brother - 02 - So Real.shn
eada952b665c6ac1426af1dea51127ad *JBuckley - Dream Brother - 03 - Last Goodbye.shn
e7ff5933892f98af8c8d45e54da03832 *JBuckley - Dream Brother - 04 - Grace.shn
4c4bb72b5e3f1e3d763233266ce61f1d *JBuckley - Dream Brother - 05 - Eternal Life.shn

identical source FFP:
01 Lover You Should've Come Over.flac:06ab343f9d529bc8dc0179dfcde93924
02 So Real.flac:30d95b450014571d035611c656e8dc9e
03 Last Goodbye.flac:280c50695776ef073ebf4c9245f1d0f3
04 Grace.flac:6e9228990f1f4c3518a036a9061e697f
05 Eternal Life.flac:fb36c4508721a6d4aabb05bb1e2d8663