95-05-14 The Barrymore Theatre
Madison, Wisconsin, America
01. Dream Brother
02. Mojo Pin
03. Last Goodbye
04. So Real
05. Lover, You Should've Come Over
06. Eternal Life
07. Kick Out The Jams
08. That's All I Ask
09. Lilac Wine
10. What Will You Say
11. Grace
12. Je N'en Connais Pas La Fin
13. Hallelujah
14. Instrumental (jam - Kill Your MTV)
15. Kanga Roo
Kill Your MTV (jam) sometimes listed as 'Vancouver'. Supposedly opening for Sound Garden.
Source 1a - AUD

Grade: B
Soft frequency rolloff between 11 and 16kHz.

Disc 101 Dream Brother.flac:7dfa9e84c42107549f6271e032ae68ad
Disc 102 Chocolae, Mojo Pin.flac:3892374ae3f217a7b5f0dac1a64be529
Disc 103 Last Goodbye.flac:58680d824ea3ca80e63164ffc29bfa68
Disc 104 So Real.flac:0a45ab86e390a4f14174158fa71bbdfe
Disc 105 Lover You Should Of Come Over.flac:c31aee44a530e2771ce1c874bb611a6f
Disc 106 Love Hurts , Eternal Life.flac:de4f67c061f65cbea35da982186788de
Disc 107 Kick Out The Jams.flac:3db339520b5f162ed3d71d2e41b8dd79
Disc 108 All That I Ask.flac:c58fd203302bf05067352336750d23c2
Disc 109 Lilac Wine.flac:ec95b140dba8785f785a198c897ed12c
Disc 201 What Will You Say.flac:65c1f7a69a37f6b4448556ef3a772283
Disc 202 Grace.flac:0bac4e106759e59a378297e3f4619c0e
Disc 203 Je N'en Connasi Pas La Fin.flac:65fe1d81ea1ae34229c0bf5312d12c14
Disc 204 Hallelujah.flac:db8cfd9b724e340aa5b432dc12cb6741
Disc 205 Vancouver.flac:85597f31d176eb0a0d88cde15d36c6e1
Disc 206 Kanga Roo.flac:be5e0c5c20e0a51590c9a8075f6bb137