95-07-06 Olympia
Paris, France
01. Dream Brother
02. Lover, You Should've Come Over
03. So Real
04. Eternal Life
05. Mojo Pin
06. Last Goodbye
07. What Will You Say
08. Lilac Wine
09. Kick Out The Jams
10. Grace
11. That's All I Ask
12. Hallelujah
13. Vancouver
14. Kanga Roo
Initially, Jeff was only playing one night at Le Zénith, but this was changed to the 2 concerts at the Olympia, probably due to demand.

"during this tour on 6th and 7th July 1995 Jeff realizes is real childhood dream: to play at the mythical Olympia in Paris. His appearance on these 2 summer nights in Paris will remain for Him - and for a lot of people who where there - at the top of his carrier. This evening it was not possible to feel listless and tired; completely alive in his music and with a rare intensity, he leaves the venerable Olympia drained but satisfied. Matt Johnson played at the end, (Kangaroo) with the dress of his lover .. For alot of french fans the aftershock is spiritual: many of them remembered after the show, being out in the street, dazed, unable to describe what they had just experienced .. The electricity of this evening was tangible, both on the stage as well as in the crowd. Mary says 'he was immediately acclaimed by the public as he came in ... each movement, each word, everything he did. People sang the choruses with Him. In Hallelujah if you listen well, you can hear Jeff laughing. The crowd put on their lighters - He had never seen that before, as he said himself during the show.' " -- (Translation from the french booklet 'The Amazing Life of Jeff Buckley')
Source 1a - AUD

Grade: C
Rolloff at 15k suggests a lossy heritage in source (probably MD). Audible tape hiss also evident.

Track 05-07 and 12-13: lower noise level suggesting a different source. (edit points also evident if you listen)
Track 12: missing start of track

01 Dream Brother.flac:ae57712d714bb14af5dbd5b56a1d776d
02 Lover You Should've Come Over.flac:5f6bc462c90c19226ebddcf309f1218f
03 So Real.flac:92650ed20c38d613489d089e1bb08d6d
04 Eternal Life.flac:ecc359c17a98f9c6c95d020c2d70a6ae
05 Mojo Pin.flac:26d91482080c84d7ae006dd6361493fc
06 Last Goodbye.flac:73c425c4225376cfe1858a6b4b01548a
07 What Will You Say.flac:3098eb985500be7782cf516d33b3675d
08 Lilac Wine.flac:768d5b7d950b685b31ee49000204f2f6
09 Kick Out The Jams.flac:95bd74077de00aa6445245d28b6c6d6f
10 Grace.flac:da273e0cdb313394ef028da0aee429f0
11 That's All I Ask.flac:f0ece435676fcfe7d3699a2a2f0f4f16
12 Hallelujah.flac:3dbf05a6fbe9806a03688fe6fef63aea
13 Vancouver-Kanga Roo.flac:72d4b80457ba042c0f1b659d4d89939b