95-07-18 Classical Festival
Saint Florent le Vieil, France
01. Mojo Pin
02. Dream Brother
03. Lover, You Should've Come Over
04. So Real
05. Last Goodbye
06. What Will You Say
07. Grace
08. Lilac Wine
09. That's All I Ask
10. Eternal Life
11. Vancouver
12. Kanga Roo
13. Parlez moi D'amour
14. Hallelujah
15. The Way Young Lovers Do
"On the 18th of July, in Saint Florent le Vieil, for the Festival of Sacred Music, He sang with Alim Quasimov. He had received this unexpected invitation during his show at the Bataclan in February 1995. The band arrived in the little village in the afternoon, and waited patiently in the sun for the sound check. The azeri singer Alim Quasimov (also sufi music, but from Azerbaïdjan) was already on stage. Each one of the band went his own way, while the sounds of Alim's voice and drum filling the streets. He sung in a place located in a monastery with big walls, where the show was to take place that night (the sound in those places in wonderful). Terrified by the idea he had to sing here too, Jeff began to cry: the power and the purity of the voice he had just heard was overwhelming, and made him anxious to perform. However, after his own sound check, he met Alim Quasimov, who said "I loved very much what you were just singing, it was nearly an oriental song". A few minutes later, the two men were performing together the song "What will you say", and decide to play it as a duo that evening. In performance, this was something purely magical." -- (translation from the french booklet 'The Amazing Life of Jeff Buckley')
Common Sources:
Live at Olympia, 2001