95-08-31 The Rooftop Cafe, RRR radio
Melbourne, VIC, Australia
01. (Interview)
02. Last Goodbye
03. Grace
04. That's All I Ask
05. Lover, You Should've Come Over
06. (Interview)
Sometimes misdated as 31/9/95 (not even a valid date). Realistically he would have done this radio show while was in Melbourne.

"August 31, 1995 was a cold, windy and wet day in Melbourne, but for the fortunate few who braved these conditions above Triple R at The Roof Top Cafe to witness a stirring half hour live-to-air performance from Jeff Buckley it will remain a very warm memory. Before taking to stage under a leaky hastily erected tarpaulin Jeff Buckley popped down to the RRR studios for a chat on The Skull Cave with the Ghost, Stephen Walker." (From an intro to an interview transcription on Kingdom for a Kiss website)
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01 Introduction.flac:f18ac4f31c2da7e3df8cfe8b652f5cbe
02 Last Goodbye.flac:854cd13cece5d29744dd334561d01ef2
03 Grace.flac:ebc11c30c815f33a899d8f3ee41651d5
04 All I Ask.flac:4ed0ff55784ed97723b1bfb194d2eb2c
05 Lover You Should Have Come Over.flac:ffd08e958f5a0931ecea62b93fdf6da7
06 Interview.flac:052588d88d126662d6f7f19bfdfa7e33