95-09-06 Phoenician Club
Sydney, NSW, Australia
01. Dream Brother
02. Mojo Pin
03. So Real
04. Last Goodbye
05. What Will You Say
06. Lilac Wine
07. Grace
08. Eternal Life
09. Kick Out The Jams
10. The Way Young Lovers Do
11. That's All I Ask
12. Lover, You Should've Come Over
13. If You See Her, Say Hello
14. Hallelujah
15. Vancouver
16. Kanga Roo
Tracks 9-16 were not broadcast. Broadcast 11/9/95, rebroadcast 25/12/95 and 9/6/97.

"Jeff Buckley's two visits to Sydney left an enduring impression. He came twice within six months, first in August of 1995 and then in February of last year. That first brief trip came on the back of an extended European tour. "I was getting tired of it in the last moments of playing in Europe, but it's entirely new here and I've had time to convalesce," he told a reporter on arrival.

Over the next few days, he gave two unforgettable performances: one at a small club called the Lounge in Melbourne and the other at Sydney's Metro nightclub. To those present, the Metro show on August 28 rates as one of the greatest musical performances ever witnessed in this city. In a magical 90 minutes, Buckley and his three-piece band delivered a remarkable set of light and shade featuring much of the Grace album as well as the aggressive covers of MC5's "Kick Out the Jams" and Big Star's "Kanga-Roo". Buckley's pure, acrobatic voice sounded all the more extraordinary in the flesh. "You could hear a pin drop," recalled tour manager John Pope. "He held the audience in the palm of his hand. He'd take you on the ride with him. He'd lift you and take you down. He paced his gigs with finesse. When he walked on to a stage, he felt a responsibility, but it wasn't to the audience. It was to something else. God knows what."

"There was high anticipation which was rewarded tenfold when he played, added Jen Brennan, manager of the night's local support act Crow. "He just moved a lot of people. It was quite extraordinary. It's not often that you get a crowd at the Metro that's so silent and still. It was serene and very powerful."

Indeed a couple of nights later at the Lounge show in Melbourne, the venue's management found it necessary to turn off the cash registers because their collective clanging messed with the ambience.

That first visit was meant to be a simply a quick promotional trip to push Grace, but such was the impact of the Metro show that Buckley was persuaded to return to Sydney and play two extra gigs at the Phoenician Club to quench the city's sudden fascination with him." -- (Tribute article, "The Last Goodbye", Dino Scatena, Sydney Telegraph, 6 June 1997)
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Eternal Life (Bootleg)
Source 1a - SBD

Grade: B
from 'Eternal Life' Bootleg, assumed to be recorded of the JJJ FM broadcast, although pilot tone spikes are not conclusively found.

a1b0b25aced3495d8b060202be09b9f4 *01Dream Brother.ape
2f15362285c74cec454d81ac228aead9 *02Mojo Pin.ape
40c413a6723a7bb8c50886b976bc45e3 *03So Real.ape
e87cc48cc2479885b89dccdbaba0474f *04Last Goodbye.ape
588421ad521e44b04f29c63fcf20eef3 *05What Will You Say.ape
28d0d60df91fb9835afa1e8856e3f16d *06Grace.ape
d13558598f4deca26cb0b22f4617e08f *07Should've Come Over.ape
7804a9d4392538d682c4e2bcab4358c8 *08Eternal Life.ape
Source 1b - SBD

Grade: B
FM>TV/FM Tuner Card>PixelFM>WAV>WAVELAB (normalize & cuts)>WAV>FLAC
slight rolloff at 15kHz, then a (high noise floor?) plateau at -65dB until the large 19kHz pilot tone spike. Recorded from JJJ radio rebroadcast during their Impossible Music Festival in 2005, and as such, not the complete set, just what was broadcast.