95-12-31 Mercury Lounge (nye)
New York, New York, America
01. New Year's Prayer / You & I
02. Lover, You Should've Come Over
03. Curtains
04. Kick Out The Jams
05. Auld Lang Syne
06. Grace
07. Mood Swing Whiskey
08. I Woke Up In A Strange Place
09. Last Goodbye
10. Lost Highway
11. Mojo Pin
12. The Other Woman
13. So Real
14. Dink's Song
15. Alive
16. 3 is a Magic Number
at least 2 sources exist. Tracks 1,2,4,5 from inferior source, and don't exist in better source.

Jeff performed two small pieces of 'Roundabout' and 'Long Distance Turnaround' by Yes, just before singing 'The Other Woman'.
Common Sources:
Tears from Stars (Bootleg)
Source 1a - AUD

Grade: B
frequency slopes off to -80db by 13kHz.

494eb7fe809d72b582986ab76367afbe *02D2 -New Year's Prayer.shn
983a9df1ce5edb91aad636305e1e292e *03D2 -Curtains.shn
08e8a3f8f7e3c656c4188096a9a9dc9c *04D2 -Grace.shn
c09e9f9ced555ae56052129b8ebcfc0c *05D2 -Mood Swing Whiskey.shn
f1e37d5e50efcb7e3b951be7cfea5280 *06D2 -Woke Up In A Strange Place.shn
b9e68ca4c0f28816c9a80034e2ebaa9d *07D2 -Last Goodbye.shn
2632074810e9018f7245ab5763e1431f *08D2 -Lost Highway.shn
23a1ca46f2c59379996781dc1c979a4e *09D2 -Mojo Pin.shn
7159559b093a9c7628083ec4bbc24d7c *10D2 -The Other Woman.shn
b412c3e2a8a439c25bba5ad8eaf7e207 *11D2 -So Real.shn
18c76d8b50104165fbee41910fec6c57 *12D2 -Dink's Song.shn
9ac51d13fea66b8b7e4e283a2f69a21b *13D2 -Alive.shn
00461adddeeb559f7039dcf3f0c9f2e5 *14D2 -3 Is A Magic Number.shn

'Tears from the Stars' bootleg is derivative of this source, with a boost of 10dB at 19.7kHz.

bootleg FFP:
01 - new year's prayer.flac:1b05fad84cddea13f9b84fcd11878fcd
02 - curtains.flac:ac097eb7445eed36c0300dfb1a62f518
03 - grace.flac:c94ce03bc011d50b6b4a21e404d44886
04 - mood swing whiskey.flac:e940131b0c46d8b83638d35c37719cd8
05 - woke up in a strange place.flac:ae26e8f45214c79e57eb6ef03c1e0dc1
06 - last goodbye.flac:715dd34a02fe896045b10f51ec93d026
07 - lost highway.flac:71190cf74607206031fca44574dce527
08 - mojo pin.flac:e4eef9760e0eeda34f7e9e30fb855c4f
09 - the other woman.flac:777cefd75a8d213d63b4f230808ec4ac
10 - so real.flac:694c2268bfccd0797fae165fc8c5630a
11 - dink's song.flac:8f98174b16c41745c9a562ae7b9eedec
12 - alive.flac:904c37af154a391c2879990e86b55059
13 - three is a magic number.flac:ce05b35a8cc99e6957d51bcea6887c2f
Source 1b - AUD

Grade: B
first 5 tracks have been spliced in from an inferior (tape) source, all in-between song banter is complete.

inferior source - gentle slope between 7kHz and 18kHz of -70dB to under -95dB. spike at 15.7khz suggesting broadcast source.

other source - slow rolloff between 10.5kHz and 14kHz to under -80dB.

b436cf1dcb4408432e18dcdacd6077d2 *01 New Years Prayer.shn
d972e5da29ae32c3af3cb02f6fc8ee6f *02 Lover You Shouldve Come Over.shn
9ba9fceccc91f5e95bd7d99098b530b0 *03 Curtains.shn
d88eccfc94e7319eac1052cb022c1e96 *04 Kick Out The Jams.shn
3bb1dfed8a424b7ffc5cca16576c9e0e *05 Auld Lang Syne.shn
2c9ea7f9e5f77825c8619b1add5402b2 *06 Grace.shn
bdc02f0f220ff0263746c64708ded869 *07 Mood Swing Whiskey.shn
073aac6fb9900f7e8cdd2b14e90b51b8 *08 I Woke Up In A Strange Place.shn
0d007eb0acfd8e5adaea84c094ad4b58 *09 Last Goodbye.shn
8c85872c3cc24fcc3e6b4bf186e3cbd8 *10 Lost Highway.shn
5126ccc39fb6c5087fb5a2e582601aca *11 Mojo Pin.shn
c4d15235f7cf02c33cc4b0e8e8bc961a *12 The Other Woman.shn
4d9270d4c28c98246c0828235090394d *13 So Real.shn
be05c93eaa8af01465752dc15e8d3d84 *14 Dinks Song.shn
caa7f9557582398a215f1a8d68e2ffe1 *01 Alive.mkw
befddc686a94974d76041870dfb3c773 *02 Three Is A Magic Number.mkw
Source 1c - AUD

Grade: A
Original Version from DAT Complete Sony TCD7 DAT recorder at 48khz>Pro Tools LE via optical digital transfer>POWr dither to 44.1khz/16bit, noise shaping 3>FLAC
01. New Year's Prayer.flac:397af6fcb3fbb9171206172121dc2a0c
02. Lover, You Should've Come Over.flac:3f9d47fb13329ac63b32ff23dc54e315
03. Curtains.flac:2703fcd66accaa4002f203c89bbcd1bd
04. Kick out the jams.flac:ed3836eec5987dae4f9f443023916295
05. Grace.flac:e43d2d55104bb7af56130987e64af492
06. Mood Swing Whiskey.flac:968ec08197c48c239aa6d35025237ce9
07. Woke up in a strange place.flac:4c5798498bfb64a109cefb7c8ebe6185
08. Last GoodBye.flac:d13ffe007faeb067cdc2f41fe14536be
09. Lost Highway.flac:e5c60b218d0c75be79c3f254277d6653
10. Mojo Pin.flac:ac757fc7e90fae8c41d81b0e6c813c94
11. The Other Woman.flac:f30041dfe08222825e7f55f88090c9f8
12. So Real.flac:83260092d193a2e326161311eb511e13
13. Dink's Song.flac:75f7ad5ff3e2e7089c8366fa7c98c9c2
14. Alive.flac:0b4cfcfec8f4e79b55434f930b17e63e
15. 3 is the magic number.flac:a49a9e9769a5ee11a085e359b0b5472d