96-02-20 Seagulls Auditorium
Gold Coast, QLD, Australia
01. Chocolate / Mojo Pin
02. So Real
03. Eternal Life
04. Lilac Wine
05. Grace
06. Last Goodbye
07. What Will You Say
08. I Woke Up In A Strange Place
09. Dream Brother
10. Mood Swing Whiskey
11. Kick Out The Jams
12. Lover, You Should've Come Over
13. That's All I Ask
14. Hallelujah / I Know It's Over
15. Hallelujah (reprise)
The Hard Luck Tour 96. with Dambuilders as supporting band.

Jeff often included a snippet of Terminal Cancer (Let's Bomb The Moonlight) into Grace, as he also did this night.
Source 1a - AUD

Grade: C
Frequency plateau's around -70dB by 4kHz. small spike at 15.7kHz.

gold coast 1Track01.flac:f0859569d58cf0b7894b46ae706f13f6
gold coast 1Track02.flac:6f2e8eb54bd202a7726c1a64a245e2a8
gold coast 1Track03.flac:95880139c1999403927a96b3d0761691
gold coast 1Track04.flac:a734d363ea4e410839060992694246bc
gold coast 1Track05.flac:7f9fc40086edd3b4763f9980784db495
gold coast 1Track06.flac:130896891723c7f9f0edb62c8ba69b39
gold coast 1Track07.flac:0383839230a433fa7d3fd9323b6abd9d
gold coast 2Track01.flac:536d5974f828381e9f9d1cd006585a5b
gold coast 2Track02.flac:d25bb2c3d0e8a9b6912f649c597c3a9e
gold coast 2Track03.flac:2e5a8b495d23b3a66b74f14cc206431b
gold coast 2Track04.flac:a9438cf342fce447af2a8369e78436ef
gold coast 2Track05.flac:eaf177a88a50d6cc6cc5ec556897b729
gold coast 2Track06.flac:6c3114640b634c98a3c57c69eb609d0a
gold coast 2Track07.flac:6b50d14591d154fa1ec3f7de8ad73058