97-04-28 Barristers' Bar
Memphis, Tennessee, America
01. So Real
02. Last Goodbye
03. If You See Her, Say Hello
04. The Sky is A Landfill
05. Mojo Pin
06. Morning Theft
07. Lover, You Should've Come Over
Solo. Tracklist incomplete and in no particular order. Lover, You should have come over was definitely the last track (encore). Details from jbel mailing list, 1997:

"to put it simply- go.

there are a million details (if you go- take note that barristers' is not on jefferson and second, but on the
alley behind 147 jefferson) but i'll say that the show was unbelievable.

JB showed up around 9:30, i think, and at the time there were maybe 50/60 something people there. it's a small dive, and i think it could hold 100 people. the opening band, and the band that followed were both poor, and it was too bad that JB's show was short because of them.

i don't know what time he went on, but it was simply arranged. small stage, jeff stood out of the path of the lights, completely in the shadows, just his guitar and a glass of wine. his presence is strong but he's a small man- maybe 5'9". he spoke a little in our general direction, and i don't know all he played. he looked sad. one song he performed, i don't know the title but it had lines like "don't tell her that i miss her...if she's in town, tell her to look me up, i'm not a hard man to find..." when he was finished, he stepped back into the shine of the lights, and you could see his tears. there was So
Real, Last Goodbye, (even better than you could imagine) The Sky Is A Landfill, Morning Theft, a couple
others, and then he attempted to sya that his set was over. we screamed for him to stay, so he asked what we wanted to hear. some of us yelled "LoverYouShouldHaveCOmeOver!" and he said "you got it." it was a loooong intro, but when he began it was mesmerizing. every line pulled at my heartstrings, and it easily made me dizzy. it's a twisted thing "appreciate" his music, when it so obviously was excruciating for him to write it (i asked, and he said that it doesn't make him sad anymore). someone hurt this an- bad. his eyes were clamped shut and it looked as if he was PURGING the song from his soul. i cried at it, and i felt weak during it. i have never seen a more moving performance of any sort than this endition of lover. when it was over, there was a streak down his cheeks. he continued to play, some song, i don't know which. then it was over.

i am sure i am missing details, and i know that efia has a story, once she get's back to georgia, and i know there are others.

there were some rumors that this wasn't to be the last show, and i asked jeff if he was playing may and he said yes. then some more details... margaux and i stayed for the last band...weird. on our way out, i ran into a guy, sam, who works at barristers', and, looking like a little kid who GOT the bike for Christmas, he said to me "Do you know what jeff just did?!" obviously, i didn't. he said "well, we thanked him for his month at our bar, and he said 'i don't really want to go, i like the monday shows', so jeff is playing every monday night in may and june." " -- (Email to JBEL, Audrey Roofeh, 29 Apr 1997)