The Sky is A Landfill
Cowritten by Jeff Buckley/Michael Tighe
This song is a social commentary. Jeff expresses the futility of being a slave to our tainted modern way of life (and perhaps even the politics of violence, as pertinent then as they are now), and that we pollute our souls and turn the Sky into a Landfill with our consumerism, politics and sensationalized media.

This is indited by such lines such as 'turn your head away from the screen, oh people, it will tell you nothing more - don't suck the milk of flaccid Bill K.' (Bill Clinton?) and 'the politics of weakness, and the garbage dump of souls... will now black the sky'. Jeff however goes further than commentary, proffering to us: 'Throw off your shame, or be a slave to the system' as he has 'no fear of this machine! '
Known Performance:
95-05-05 Great American Music Hall, San Francisco, California, America
96-12-07 Kendall Square, Boston, Massachusetts, America
96-12-09 Spot Cafe, Buffalo, New York, America
97-02-04 Knitting Factory, New York, New York, America
97-02-09 Arlenes Grocery, New York, New York, America
97-04-28 Barristers' Bar, Memphis, Tennessee, America
97-05-26 Barristers' Bar, Memphis, Tennessee, America