97-05-26 Barristers' Bar
Memphis, Tennessee, America
01. Corpus Christi Carol
02. The Sky is A Landfill
03. Your Flesh Is So Nice
04. Frankenstein
Solo. Final Show...

This incomplete setlist comes from the comments below:

"I was at the last show he played at Barristers in Memphis on May 26, 1997. There were probably about 50 or 60 people there. He was wearing a grey dress suit with a tie. He went behind the bar and we couldn't see what he was doing. Then a couple of songs into the set he said, ' There's some red wine over at the bar.' He'd been pouring the wine into little plastic cups for the audience.

He played a couple of songs from Grace: 'Corpus Christi' which he hadn't played for a long time, 'The Sky Is A Landfill' and 'Your Flesh Is So Nice.' He did a pretty weird, aggressive version of Edgar Winter's 'Frankenstein.' It wasn't the usual joking Jeff, it was more intense than that. He had a heavy interaction going on during 'Frankenstein' with this one girl who was standing at the side of the stage with her boyfriend.

After the show, he copied this long text on to the first page of a Bible this guy gave him to sign." -- Gayle Keleman (Webmaster of a long since removed Unofficial JB web page)

"At Jeff Buckley's last gig at Barrister's, a tiny hole in the wall Memphis bar on monday June [actually May] 26th, his first words on stage were "Dead, dead, dead,dead,dead, he's fucking dead, the guy from Brainiac is fucking dead. I want this to mean something to every fucking one of you." as he began to play "Terminal Cancer" a song that includes the line"The world has eternal cancer". "I guess thats how the guy from Brainiac felt" he continued as he segued into "Hallelujah" in requiem for Brainiac's Tim Taylor who had died in a solo car crash. Over the next hour and a half, Jeff joked with the audience, pointing out that there was free red wine at the bar that he had brought in for the audience, "Free" he said, "thats spelled f-r-e-e ." and he continued with the rest of his set which included "Corpus Christi Carol" a song he hadn't performed live in over two years. "Is that how you like your rock heroes - dead?" he demanded after the show, when a fan waiting to have Buckley autograph her copy of "Grace" asked how Taylor had died. "He blew up!" he shouted as he grabbed a beer bottle off the bar , threw it across the room without breaking it and walked away to the jukebox on the other side of the room. Gayle Kelemen, creator of Jeff's unofficial web page, who had introduced Jeff to Brainiac's music and had been previously unaware of Taylor's death, followed Buckley to the jukebox. "Are you upset about one of your favorite musicians dying?", he snarled at her," I hope you are, I hope you are because thats why I create music." " -- (Article, Penny Arcade, http://www.pennyarcade.com/jeffart.html)