Grace (Legacy Edition)
CD/DVD, 2004, 5174603
Disc 1:
01. Mojo Pin
02. Grace
03. Last Goodbye
04. Lilac Wine
05. So Real
06. Hallelujah
07. Lover, You Should've Come Over
08. Corpus Christi Carol
09. Eternal Life
10. Dream Brother

Disc 2:
01. Forget Her (Previously Unreleased)
02. Dream Brother (Previously Unreleased)
03. Lost Highway
04. Alligator Wine (Previously Unreleased)
05. Mama, You've Been On My Mind (Previously Unreleased)
06. Instrumental (Blues Medley On Acoustic Guitar - Previously Unreleased)
07. The Other Woman (Previously Unreleased)
08. Kanga Roo
09. I Want Somebody Badly (From 'First Love, Last Rites' OST)
10. Eternal Life (Road Version)
11. Kick Out The Jams
12. Dream Brother (Nag Champa Mix)

Disc 3:
01. (25 Minute Documentary)
02. Grace (Music Video)
03. Last Goodbye (Music Video)
04. So Real (Music Video)
05. Eternal Life (Music Video)
06. Forget Her (Music Video, with new unseen footage)
3 Disc set celebrating 10 year anniversary of Jeffs only album, Grace.

Controversially, it also may contain material Jeff did not want released. The track in question, is 'Forget Her', and while Jeffs comments as to why it wasnt on the initial Grace release can be interpreted either way, Sony ensure that intended at some stage to return to the track and have it released.

for more information about Grace, see the original release.