95-05-05 Great American Music Hall
San Francisco, California, America
01. Mojo Pin
02. So Real
03. Last Goodbye
04. What Will You Say
05. Grace
06. Lilac Wine
07. Dream Brother
08. Eternal Life
09. Kick Out The Jams
10. Lover, You Should've Come Over
11. The Other Woman
12. Hallelujah / I Know It's Over
13. The Sky is A Landfill
14. Kanga Roo
This performance contains first known live performance of The Sky is A Landfill, still in its infancy.

Supported by Soul Coughing.
Source 1a - AUD

Grade: B
Plateau's down to around -70dB by 7kHz. Audible tape hiss.

01 Mojo Pin.flac:0ce46fedd605e3792a0e9555624b866a
02 So Real.flac:1808e06c7d8bb6dbc997485181adea6d
03 Last Goodbye.flac:e89b783ad99c9e31831b4cedb121c5ee
04 intro.flac:95db5a46e3b5bdf45e640077fd87c19d
05 What Will You Say.flac:1760b9c1795b54d3e002b7017eeb8603
06 Grace.flac:c28daff0b3227e24394c369b14c29d27
07 Lilac Wine.flac:119334bf3c3031de634e215e82b8a5eb
08 Dream Brother.flac:167e2afdff31f601882c50656deea23d
09 intro.flac:3462948afee0a9e199396a18c58a5b3b
10 Eternal Life.flac:b72b13e6e5cb9433a0a36e093e1f7efe
11 Kick Out The Jams.flac:95f50fbfbe6cb38f6aa1bdfa53e1029b
12 Lover You Should've Come Over.flac:0cb2c39b2a4812f3587ae37073e815da
13 intro.flac:5d5da92f3c8cd3d9fe3a789b666ecf61
14 The Other Woman.flac:dcbff175494bce36f3f457c42d41884f
15 Hallelujah-I Know It's Over.flac:8260ffb28ca414649d6b14539a807e46
16 The Sky Is A Landfill.flac:09598cca3f713715ffbafd5fb52932a1
17 Kanga Roo.flac:fa748d546a41dc0c7daa6d3c68b60ee9